Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Freight Train

He came at me like a freight train magnificent and powerful, steady and unwavering. His voice was like the whistle blowing and his light shined into its path to me. Charging… getting louder and louder and closer and closer. My heart began to pound a rhythm of warning. My body shook with anticipation and fear, but my hesitation didn’t effect the speed of this magnificent train, he knew his destination and he was not going to stop till I was under him and a part of him, so I did what any human would do when met with such force… I jumped out of the way.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I coast through this life
like I am swimming against the current.
Trying to fuel determination
while the support system gets flooded and stalls

Im too stubborn to give up
Too passionate to go numb
and believe me I tried

Reality would have us believe
that we all guard our hearts
as if bandits were holding us at gunpoint
and we stand in the mirror
trying to convince ourselves
that it doesn’t matter.

We are too busy for human contact
and everyone wants to play games anyway
We are really better off
stuck in our cycle of going to work,
going to school,
loving whoever is around
and hitting the fast food joints on the way home.

I say reality is a liar.
While reality is true for some
and appears to be so for many others
there are still those souls
that walk a little slower,
open the doors for strangers
and will take the time
to wait in line for a table
to have a dinner to be enjoyed over conversations.

Nights to be savored and devoured
and left with a starving hunger for more.
Love that leaves you breathless
and feeling intoxicated at the mere mention of a name.