Friday, March 22, 2013


He waits for me in the shadows
And beckons me to meet him
in the sweetest of dreams
He is the lover that I have yet to know
I cannot touch him but I feel him every day
As the traffic moves from lane to lane
Fast and slow
I hear my name in a whisper
And I listen hard for that familiar sound
In crosswalks and corridors
Looking around each corner
I think of him everytime I open a door or turn a page
Knowing one day I will feel his lips brush against mine
My search feels empty at times
But when I am ready
The light will change
And the clock begins to sing its chime
The sun will illuminate the face I long to see
And a new journey will begin

Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Smoking

Ashes fallen on a bar room floor, a reminder of painful past and stresses of the day. Passers by kick aside, unaware of the black and gray streaked across the floor. I guess it’s easily overlooked, but as the ashes are blown away to nothing but dust, but my awareness of something drawn deep within someone’s breath and blown out without thought, is someone’s life is slowly fading away.

Goes to show reality is never escaped, just eluded for a while. Aware of ashes kicked aside could the reality be grasped? What if love be drawn in like cigarettes? Inhaled deep within our lungs surrounding our hearts, healing the pain making us strong, so that there’s no more ashes on the floor

Etha 5/6/99
Rewrite 1/5/13