Friday, March 22, 2013


He waits for me in the shadows
And beckons me to meet him
in the sweetest of dreams
He is the lover that I have yet to know
I cannot touch him but I feel him every day
As the traffic moves from lane to lane
Fast and slow
I hear my name in a whisper
And I listen hard for that familiar sound
In crosswalks and corridors
Looking around each corner
I think of him everytime I open a door or turn a page
Knowing one day I will feel his lips brush against mine
My search feels empty at times
But when I am ready
The light will change
And the clock begins to sing its chime
The sun will illuminate the face I long to see
And a new journey will begin


XSilverthornx said...

Something of an assurance that true love would wait. Be it a poetic 'tragedy' to have to do so..

sheila Adner said...

I really like this one.