Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh how I long for a lover in words
Trading passion
Twisting vowels and consonants
Like a roller coaster in slow motion
Sparked flames darting about
Bringing light to dark forgotten corners of my bed
Blanketed in pages
Saturated in inks and colors that illuminate the soul
Oh to feel my heart pound again with anticipation
Of what might spill from lips to penetrate my womanhood
With mere innuendoes and a spark of intensions in the eyes
Talk to me…
 Let me hear the vibrations of your vocal chord
Humming through your chest escaping your mouth
In slow carefully pronounced words
Savored like candy
My mouth waters
Which pales in comparison
To the raging waters that is my ocean
In which alone I swim

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Portrait of a Photographer

Soft blue hues saturate the darkness
ushering in the early morning
I wake cuddled with my pillow
still damp with the longings of the night
The stillness of the house is haunting

I am wishing to be bathed in the warm colors of the sun
Looking out the window, gray clouds offer little comfort
Plunging deeper in the covers I reach for a memory of lovers
hoping to warm my bones
but my memories have left me cold

The dreams I long for cannot exist in the past
The future is the lover I can invite into my bed
If I accept it and nurture it and love it as with any lover
It will offer dreams of change, the promise of sunshine
and will be with me as long as I live

I could stand before you naked and not feel as vulnerable
But I want you to know who I am beyond a crippled body
dark crazy complications
optimistic romantic view

My future, my lover reaches into the depths of me
Pulling out the lessons learned
the empathy of experience
and the passion I so desperately try to contain
My fears can hide in the shadows
My confidence are my highlights

Prisms of light, filters and shadows
our lives are the canvas and we are the paint my case... the camera