Monday, February 27, 2012

Mourning is Over

As spring arrives
and the days get longer
My sun gets brighter
and I get stronger
No longer a struggle
to crawl out of bed
and fewer what if’s
swimming round in my head
No longer falling
apart at the seams
finally accepting
what all of it means
it’s over, it’s done,
it’s time to arrange
adjust to new life
and a much needed change
A whole new meaning
for this year’s spring cleaning
with a healing heart
a new song I’ll be singing

Letting Go

No more sleeping with the lies I told myself
When it comes to the blame there is nobody else
For me to be free It’s up to me
To let go of the things I chose to believe
Time passes by and so does my youth
makes it harder to hide away from my truths
For me to fly and flitter around
first I must learn to let go of the ground
I have loved and I have yearned
I have crashed and I have burned
I peel away ashes to reveal a new me
unafraid of the image that others will see
I’ll pick up the ashes an blow them away
I’ll let go of the why that you wouldn’t stay
I forgive and I choose to forget
refusing to have a life of regrets
I’ll take the good and leave the bad
When I look back on what we had
See, I’ve learned when to move and when to be still
and what you couldn’t love somebody else will
Etha Walters