Monday, February 27, 2012

Letting Go

No more sleeping with the lies I told myself
When it comes to the blame there is nobody else
For me to be free It’s up to me
To let go of the things I chose to believe
Time passes by and so does my youth
makes it harder to hide away from my truths
For me to fly and flitter around
first I must learn to let go of the ground
I have loved and I have yearned
I have crashed and I have burned
I peel away ashes to reveal a new me
unafraid of the image that others will see
I’ll pick up the ashes an blow them away
I’ll let go of the why that you wouldn’t stay
I forgive and I choose to forget
refusing to have a life of regrets
I’ll take the good and leave the bad
When I look back on what we had
See, I’ve learned when to move and when to be still
and what you couldn’t love somebody else will
Etha Walters

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