Sunday, October 11, 2009



You wandered in through my dreams last night
Lost but forgiving of pain
I never meant to cause
I approached you with caution

Fearing you would fade if I touched you
You quieted that fear
grabbing me
pulling me into your arms

I didn’t want to let go
I took that moment
Breathing in your scent
Feeling your warmth next to mine
My heart could beat again

You spoke of the heartbreak you ran to when you ran from me
You spoke of the escape
From the prison you found yourself in
Running from one situation
into the next and back again
You said you were tired and home to stay

Then, the unthinkable happened

The vision of you faded
My eyes opened and I curled in my bed
Reaching for remembrance of a moment that was gone.

Etha Walters
October 11, 2009