Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twisted Unbroken

Just because you think I am broken
It doesn't mean that I need fixed,
To mold into your conformity
So I can access your mediocre plain
Don't bring cookie cutters
to find the perfect shape
I am what I am 
I know that's hard for you to take
I won't apologize
it’s what I live with every day
Twisted deformity
I am not ashamed
And I won't be your project
to feed your superficial needs
I have my own ideas my own needs and
Contrary to what you believe
The world will meet me halfway
When I show her what I have to offer
And reach out my hands to grab hers
Don't assume that because I'm challenged
I am crippled
Or because I'm twisted
I need molded
The reality is I'm not broken
I am resilient and strong
And I won’t sit in a corner or on the sidelines
For I know …
There is a place that is right for me
The right hand for me to hold
And there are many paths to my destination
And I will make my own choices in how I go