Friday, March 22, 2013


He waits for me in the shadows
And beckons me to meet him
in the sweetest of dreams
He is the lover that I have yet to know
I cannot touch him but I feel him every day
As the traffic moves from lane to lane
Fast and slow
I hear my name in a whisper
And I listen hard for that familiar sound
In crosswalks and corridors
Looking around each corner
I think of him everytime I open a door or turn a page
Knowing one day I will feel his lips brush against mine
My search feels empty at times
But when I am ready
The light will change
And the clock begins to sing its chime
The sun will illuminate the face I long to see
And a new journey will begin

Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Smoking

Ashes fallen on a bar room floor, a reminder of painful past and stresses of the day. Passers by kick aside, unaware of the black and gray streaked across the floor. I guess it’s easily overlooked, but as the ashes are blown away to nothing but dust, but my awareness of something drawn deep within someone’s breath and blown out without thought, is someone’s life is slowly fading away.

Goes to show reality is never escaped, just eluded for a while. Aware of ashes kicked aside could the reality be grasped? What if love be drawn in like cigarettes? Inhaled deep within our lungs surrounding our hearts, healing the pain making us strong, so that there’s no more ashes on the floor

Etha 5/6/99
Rewrite 1/5/13

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Light House

Looking down in deep abyss
Anticipating a single kiss
Apprehension in the wind
Fearless to begin again
Heated waters of passions flow
Friendship that we’ve come to know
Swimming in the waters deep
Sharing secrets that we keep
It’s easy to promise forevermore
Because infinity is what we had before
Making up for our world gone bad
For the deepest love we’ve ever had
If I never get to touch your face
Or ever feel your warm embrace
My heart still beats in time with yours
And I’ll still be swimming toward your shore

EW 4/17/2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mourning is Over

As spring arrives
and the days get longer
My sun gets brighter
and I get stronger
No longer a struggle
to crawl out of bed
and fewer what if’s
swimming round in my head
No longer falling
apart at the seams
finally accepting
what all of it means
it’s over, it’s done,
it’s time to arrange
adjust to new life
and a much needed change
A whole new meaning
for this year’s spring cleaning
with a healing heart
a new song I’ll be singing

Letting Go

No more sleeping with the lies I told myself
When it comes to the blame there is nobody else
For me to be free It’s up to me
To let go of the things I chose to believe
Time passes by and so does my youth
makes it harder to hide away from my truths
For me to fly and flitter around
first I must learn to let go of the ground
I have loved and I have yearned
I have crashed and I have burned
I peel away ashes to reveal a new me
unafraid of the image that others will see
I’ll pick up the ashes an blow them away
I’ll let go of the why that you wouldn’t stay
I forgive and I choose to forget
refusing to have a life of regrets
I’ll take the good and leave the bad
When I look back on what we had
See, I’ve learned when to move and when to be still
and what you couldn’t love somebody else will
Etha Walters

Monday, November 21, 2011

Can’t Go Home Again

I was excited,
when you invited me to your home
It was the very place we learned, 
we would never be alone
But when I arrived you were barely recognizable, 
something had changed within
You wasn’t the person that I remembered, 
although you wore her skin

I looked harder, I found glimpses 
of what I had left behind
But the deeper I went I realized 
they were just memories in my mind
I stopped to get to know you, 
and the person you had become
I couldn’t wait to share with you 
the journey I had begun

But conversation stuck in a loop 
going round and round again
It was then I realized 
that my best friend was dead.
I denied it with ever fiber,
 fought it with all my might
Believed I could breathe in life again,
 if I could just get you to light
but the darkness of your home,
the cobwebs in your head
You gave up humanity,
and hold poison close instead

As you slowly start to decompose, 
I wrestle with leaving you here
I credit you for my healing, 
and it’s something I hold dear.
We were soldiers in a battle,
 I had thought we had won the war
We were standing in the clear 
but you wasn’t behind me anymore
That is why I came back to get you,
 not accepting a casualty
I’ve come back to fight for you
and to heal you like you did me

As you try to persuade me, 
to take up residence in your house
I realized if I stay too long, 
I would never make it out
I know that you are really gone, 
many tears I am going to cry
But it’s time for me to go now, 
I must tell you goodbye

By Etha Walters

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Blank

by: Etha Walters

To say goodbye to yesterday seems a little late
Its out the door and it can’t hear you cry
But echoes of the slamming door come rushing down the hall
and they fade into the walls as they pass by

Can’t rewind and start again or find the place to begin
what time is it when all you can stand is still
color fades to black and white and pails compared to empty nights
on easel canvas waits till brush is filled

Peeling pages back to blank
another ship that has sank
looking somewhere for the strength
to sail again
another battle not been won
another song that wont be sung
so I am peeling all the pages back to blank

Pen in hand I go to write once upon a time
but words get stuck somewhere between the lines
Picked up my paint brush all the colors fade away
I guess all I can do is sit and wait

Wounds have to heal so I can move
there is nothing left for me to lose
Because I took all of those pages back to blank