Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back to Blank

by: Etha Walters

To say goodbye to yesterday seems a little late
Its out the door and it can’t hear you cry
But echoes of the slamming door come rushing down the hall
and they fade into the walls as they pass by

Can’t rewind and start again or find the place to begin
what time is it when all you can stand is still
color fades to black and white and pails compared to empty nights
on easel canvas waits till brush is filled

Peeling pages back to blank
another ship that has sank
looking somewhere for the strength
to sail again
another battle not been won
another song that wont be sung
so I am peeling all the pages back to blank

Pen in hand I go to write once upon a time
but words get stuck somewhere between the lines
Picked up my paint brush all the colors fade away
I guess all I can do is sit and wait

Wounds have to heal so I can move
there is nothing left for me to lose
Because I took all of those pages back to blank

1 comment:

Jesilyn Tolson "Daugherty" said...

I know these feelings all too well...