Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Drawing - Sorrow

I am so happy with the way that this turned out, I almost gave up on it a couple of times but I am really happy with the outcome. I have so much to learn when it comes to drawing but as long as I can see improvement each time I do it I get a little closer to braving painting...LOL I am a bit fanatical about fantasy and that obviously my inspiration for a lot of what I do.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Tide

Drift me onto oblivion,
abandon rationale
Rock me into dreams of Forbidden passions
Sing me a lullaby
for you have a gentle voice
Sailing deep into the moment
Drifting on the tide

Sheet like waves wrapping around our legs
Breath is hot and deep
Moist sweet kisses mindlessly dancing where they please
And I sing with anticipation’s sighs
Build upon the crashing waves
till they silently subside
We rest on the shores we’ve created for only us
in drifting echoes as dreams beckon sleep
Until the tide comes in again


One can be touched by words...Truly! The right words can touch so deeply that it transcends space and time and fuses with your soul and becomes a part of you. In fact in my philosophical state of mind I will go so far as to say that words shape the view of the world, of life and of love… So why am I so out of words when it comes to you? My heart fills up, I engage with your eyes, I open my mouth… and nothing....


Deceit is like a poisonous vine, that once planted and cultivated and nurtured, it grows so quickly it will choke out everyone you love, till you are left, isolated and alone
With a destruction that can ripple through your life, for years and quite possibly generations after you are gone.


We sat in the restaurant. I could do nothing but toy with my french fries unconsciously swirling one in circles in my ketchup. I looked up and was caught captive by his blue eyes peering through his sandy bangs. He smiled knowingly at me slowing his moves as he put down his fork and pulled a piece off his barbecued chicken with his fingers and brought it to up to his mouth. He licked the barbecue on his fingers before opening his mouth and tearing off a bite with his teeth and savoring it and slowly licked his lips. My gaze never left his as he smiled. His message was clear. I was his next meal.